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All sounds are encoded in MP3 format. Most of them are just soundsamples. Some of the latest additions are whole songs

Latest songs additions

Koffin Kats - Wild Ride (MP3) added at: 2010-05-30 13:11:18
Generation Mongoloid - Generation Mongoloid (MP3) added at: 2008-12-05 19:27:16
Calamitiez - Army of the Underworld (MP3) added at: 2008-12-05 11:08:33

Psychobilly sounds at the wreckingpit

Alphabet Bombers - Jekyll and Hyde (MP3)
Amazing Royal Crowns, The - Fireball stomp (MP3)
Apathetic-Youth - Demons Are Out Tonight, The (MP3)
Asmodeus - Not a very nice way (MP3)
Astro Zombies, The - Lil' Henry (MP3)
Banane Metalik - Rock 'n Shoot (MP3)
Bang Bang Bazooka - Long Black Train (MP3)
Batmobile - Transsylvanian express (MP3)
Bazooka Joes, The - The Devils Way Home (MP3)
Belmont playboys - Warm soft and wild (MP3)
Bodybags - Scum (MP3)
Bodybags - Zombie song (MP3)
Bodybags, The - Psychopathic killer (MP3)
Boneyard Brawlers, The - Blood Red (MP3)
Brainbats - Spastic (MP3)
Buck naked and the bare bottom boys - Up your butt (MP3)
Bull 'it - 'll be a mulekicker till the day I die (MP3)
Buzzbombs, The - Hot Rod Girl (MP3)
Calamitiez - Army of the Underworld (MP3)
Chills, The - Voodoo Party (MP3)
Coffin Chaos - Nightmare on the other side (MP3)
Concombre Zombi - Haunted Heart (MP3)
Cramps, The - Like a bad girl should (MP3)
Cult of the psychic fetus - Dark Stella (MP3)
Dead, The - Holy Trinity (MP3)
Dead, The - Killing Me (MP3)
Deadcats - I'm a rock (MP3)
Deadneks - Slaughteraxe Rock (MP3)
Deadneks - Deadnek Stomp (MP3)
Death valley surfers - Dead man's surf (MP3)
Defectors, The - Hey, hey, hey (MP3)
Demented are Go - Mongoloid (MP3)
Dicemen - The Way (MP3)
Es-Feiv - Cows in Motion (MP3)
Fifty Foot Combo - The Snap Fastener (MP3)
Flametrick Subs, The - Evil Eye (MP3)
Flatliners, The - Vampires (MP3)
Formaldebrides, The - Curse Of The Wolfsman's Woman (MP3)
Gazoo Bill - Fire On The Line (MP3)
Generation Mongoloid - Generation Mongoloid (MP3)
Go-Katz - Long Blond Hair (MP3)
Godless wicked creeps - On the road again (MP3)
Gravediggers - Fever (MP3)
Graveside Rockers - Zombies on the line (MP3)
Graveyard Rumblers, The - Full Moon (MP3)
Graveyard Rumblers, The - Cruisin' Low (MP3)
Guana batz - Train kept'a rollin' (MP3)
Gutter Demons - Enter the Demons (MP3)
Hangmen, The - The Curse (MP3)
Hangmen, The - Let there be drums (MP3)
Hellbillys - Rockabilly rumble (MP3)
Hi-dramatic - Hi-dramatic (MP3)
Hooligans, The - Junkyard heart (MP3)
Hormonas, The - King Congo (MP3)
Hormonas, The - Teenage Pussy (MP3)
Horrorpops - Miss Take (MP3)
Horrorpops - Where They Wander (MP3)
Iberia trash - El tren de la costa (MP3)
Jet black machine - The chase (MP3)
Johnny Nightmare - Rage (MP3)
Johnny Nightmare - Halo of Flies (MP3)
Kims Teddy Bears - King Came From Mars (MP3)
Klingonz - My little sister gotta motorbike (MP3)
Koffin Kats - Wild Ride (MP3)
Koma Katz - Not Alive Jive (MP3)
Krewmen - Let loose (MP3)
Legendary Kid Combo - Silver River (MP3)
Legendary Shack Shakers - Blood On The Bluegrass (MP3)
Lonesome kings, The - Born to be lonely (MP3)
Long tall texans - One more time (MP3)
Los Gatos Locos - Juvenile Delinquent (MP3)
Los Gatos Locos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head ... (MP3)
Los Gatos Locos - God Ain't Listening (MP3)
Lovesteaks - When I'm alone (MP3)
Lucky devils - Look my way (MP3)
Mad Heads - Mad Heads Boogie (MP3)
Meantraitors - No future yet (MP3)
Meteors, The - Insane (MP3)
Miniskirt Blues - Pocky Whore (MP3)
Miniskirt Blues - Mishevious (MP3)
Monolith Monsters - Hot Shot (MP3)
Monster Klub - Rony is a robot now (MP3)
Monsters - Day of the triffids (MP3)
Nekromantix - Graveyard in your memory (MP3)
Nekromantix - Life is a grave, and I dig it (MP3)
Nightbreed - Street Pirates (MP3)
Os baratas tontas - Vampiros dementes (MP3)
Os catalepticos - Freaks! (MP3)
Os Catalepticos - Cannibal Holocaust (MP3)
Pagan Dead, The - Gates of Hell (MP3)
Peacocks - Come with us (MP3)
Peacocks, The - Warning (MP3)
Penguin, The - It's hard to be a penguin (MP3)
Phantom rockers - P.S.M. (MP3)
Photon torpedoes - Kill baby kill (MP3)
Pitmen - My sweet baby (MP3)
Plan 9 from outer space - We are alien (MP3)
Pretty Grim - At home with the Presleys (MP3)
Pretty Grim - What's up (MP3)
Psycho Charger - Devilsnake (MP3)
Psycho Charger - Rockabilly Baby (MP3)
Psycho Charger - Ride (MP3)
Punkats - A Mi Manera (MP3)
Punkats - Horror Street (MP3)
Quakes, The - Stick to your guns (MP3)
Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, The - Mexico (MP3)
Restless - Ghost town (MP3)
Reverend Beat-Man - Come back lord (MP3)
Robotix - Vampirella (MP3)
Rochee and the Sarnos - Sarno Fever (MP3)
Rocker Arms - French Kiss (MP3)
Royal Dead - Deepest Sin (MP3)
Rumble Club - The Youngers (MP3)
Sik Luv - Crazy Shor (MP3)
Sin alley - Red hot texan (MP3)
Slapping Suspenders - Slice Up Your Wife (MP3)
Speed Crazy - Speak My mind (MP3)
Speed crazy - Gone, gone, gone (MP3)
Spellbound - A Night Out In THe Hell Fire Woods (MP3)
Stray Cats, The - Blast off (MP3)
The Kat Killers - My Friends Are Better When They're Dead (MP3)
The Kat Killers - The Creep (MP3)
The Monsters - I'm a record junkie (MP3)
The Silver Shine - Nowadays (MP3)
The Termites - Kicked in the teeth (MP3)
Three blue teardrops - Long hard night (MP3)
Tiger Army - Nocturnal (MP3)
Torment - Who do you love? (MP3)
Tranceplants, The - Voodooed (MP3)
Voodoo Zombies - Camino de Sangre (MP3)

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