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Review: Betty Rage13 - S/T E.P.
Band: Betty Rage13
Album: Betty Rage13
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Here's the debut album from Betty Rage13. They're a trio that hail from somewhere in California. Not really sure and dont want to put that there from somewhere that they're not. Their first song "Do or Die" has a rockabilly intro to it then shortly after they kick in the distortion and let it rip, one of the best songs on the cd. The next song "Bitch Whipped" has this rockabilly riff that wont go away and the vocals for the song are so right that they go hand in hand. Track #3 "Drive" is punk influenced song that goes straight foward with no turns or any sign of stopping. "Force Feed" is a funny song that has this rockabilly/Punk feel to it and the lyrics are so gone and funny that iam doing the curly shuffle as I speak. Track #5 "Daisey Dukes" is country song with a punk beat. Let me note that song actually shows up on the new Hairball 8 Album Comp "Kicked Outta Purgatory." Their next song "Moonshine Queer" I can't even describe it, it's just as gone as "Force Feedl." Their last two songs were recorded live. The first one "Let's Go" is actually recorded pretty well and is a punk n' roll anthem with a psycho feel. Their last song is "Force Feed" and you know how the song it sounds just like studio version except that its live.
Betty Rage13 is a upcoming band that plays all around the southern california club scene and has a style that is mixed around Punk Rock and Psycho/Rockabilly. So if you get a chance to see them, go check em' out they have a good live show and they sound just as good as in the studio.


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