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Review: Klingonz - Lost It In Space E.P.
Band: Klingonz
Album: Klingonz
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

From Many light years away I bring to thee the latest release from Psycho Veterans the Klingonz. This E.P. goes hand in hand with earlier releases and sounds just as good. The cd starts off with "I'm Old, But I Used To Be Young" dont let title name fool you, it's fast track with guitars and bass in all directions that makes you want to throw your mother in pit. Their next song "Sausage Tits" which reminds me of the humor of the Barnyard Ballers. Oh yeah the song is a pretty fast song that keeps the beat going. That song is followed by a slower song "Polytoxomaniac." "Get Me There" is a more uptempo track with this darkspace western feeling, I cant really make anything out except for the chorus "Get Me There". Track 5 "Shoot From The Scrotum" has a punk/psycho feel to it and keeps going, there is no slowing down except for this one break then goes straight back into it. The final song "Lost It In Space" is an instrumental that sounds like aliens on speed. This song shows great creativity and writing capability. The one bad thing about the record is that it's to short. But other than that the E.P. is great. I recommend you pick this E.P. cause the Klingonz are back!


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