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Review: Celtic Bones - The Betty Ford E.P.
Band: Celtic Bones
Album: Celtic Bones
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The Celtic Bones are a side project of Klingonz members Doyley (guitar) and Strangy (bass) with Skum on drums. This album sounds nothing like the Klingonz. They have their own unique sound combining Punk and Ska mixed in with a touch of Psychobilly. The first track "Betty Ford", is a strong Ska type song mixed with a Psycho influence to get the ball rolling. Track #2 "Razorblade Smile" is a fast and catchy song, Doyley is pretty bad ass guitar player which he shows on this song. The next song "Wild At Heart" has this country twang to it. It's a pretty mid tempo song, not a bad song, it's done really well."Can't Catch Me" starts out really slow with the ska vibe then it totallys jumps into hyperdrive with and keeps going. The next song "Looking After #1" has old school Punkrock feeling to it and contains a catchy chorus. Their last song "Punk'n'Roll Fucker" is very fast and catchy and sounds like something that came from early 80's punk scene. Doyley even manages to sing in some snotty vocals with classic "I Dont Give A Fuck About You Punk Attitude". This cd has some great songs and it's something that you wont expect if your a fan of the Klingonz. The Celtic Bones have created their own identity than of the Klingonz sound. I would say that they're closer to punk rock than to psychobilly.


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