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Review: Photon Torpedoes - Creature Double Feature
Band: Photon Torpedoes
Album: Photon Torpedoes
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The Photon Torpedoes are a psychobilly band somewhere in Massachussets ( i think thats how its spelled. In this particular cd there are various sounds and not the typical psycho band. For example on the one of the song the singer plays and bassist sings and on others the drummers sings lead vocals. The first song on the cd is a wrecker's friend called "Photon Stomp" the song in the begining has this drunk dude talking and blabbing about something, iam not sure myself, oh yeah its a pretty uptempo song. Track #2 "Creature Double Feature" contains a sax on it and really had another element to the already fast psycho song. The next 1 song is pretty funny and has that humor of the barnyard ballers ( i.e. sex, vagina etc.) The next 2 songs are pretty good but not one of my favorites, "Caught with th Meat in Your Mouth,"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things." The song after that "Chud" is pretty good and i learned something from the song, well for one thing i didnt know what a chud was, so look people you learn as well as listen to music. One of my favorite songs is covered on the cd, GG Allen's "Tough Fucking Shit" and they add an evil-psycho feeling to the already bad ass song!! Here's another one of favorites named "Vampire Bitches," I mean you cant go wrong with the name of the song, plus its a pretty rocking song. "Alien Vagina" is one of those songs that i was mentioning that have toilet bowl humor, i mean its fucking funny!! Now my favorite song on this album has to be "Flesh Eating Bacteria," I mean the name alone is kewl and the song has really good tempo, perfect for wrecking and Alien Rob keeps shouting Flesh Eating Bacteria over and over. What more can you want. I liked this cd alot and plan on hearing it alot more. It's really good sounding plus the songs are hilarious and you cant go wrong with music either!! I am pretty sure if you like the Barnyard Ballers mixed the musical writing of Demented Are Go then the Photons are your band!!! Check em' Out, you wont be disappointed!!!!!


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