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Review: Toxocaras/Pagan Dead - Graverockers Union Split Vol 1
Band: Toxocaras/Pagan Dead
Album: Toxocaras/Pagan Dead
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

This is the first installment from the United State's first ever all Psychobilly label. On this first cd, there are 2 upcoming psycho bands that show great talent and agression. The first band are the TOXOCARAS from Finland. Their first song "Children of the Night" is all around good psycho song with a kewl girl screaming in the background for added insult. The next song "Good Day to Die" is straight out psycho song with no sign of slowing down, take a big deep breath before wrecking to this song! Their third song "House of the Psychopathe" isnt as good as their other ones, but it has its moments. Their last song "Space Antichrist" is a really good song, and i will be honest, i cant really understand what they're saying but it does get me going and if their was a pit here, you know i'd be in it. All around not a bad sound from the Toxocaras, i expect more things from them in the future. The next band called The Pagan Dead are from the good old U.S.A (well actually from Salt Lake City Utah to be exact. Their first song "Goetia" has a killer wolf intro and has this weird dark vibe that goes hand and hand with the song, i dont know i cant really describe it. Their second song "Auto de Fe'" sounds like a cross of Demented Are Go's Music with the vocals of the Kim Nekroman. The third song "Congressus cum Daemone" has a devilish like message in it. I dont know i cant really make it out but all in all it's a good song. For their last song "Psychobilly Copkiller" is a mid tempo singalong story about a psycho who kills a cop.I like this song and it makes me laugh very much. The Pagan Dead are another upcoming Psycho band so you better look out for them. I think the cd was pretty good and it had the 2 main ingredients that i look for.. sound quality and song content, both which i have to say pass with flying colors. I cant wait for the next split from the Graverockers Union Local 666. So look out for the next it and Stay Psycho.


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