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Review: Various - Hotter than hell
Band: Various
Album: Various
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Finally one decent psychobilly album that i can listen to all the way from beginning to the end. What you get right here is PSYCHOBILLY at its finest. You get the best psychobilly bands in the world.... Hillbilly Hellcats, Hellbillys, Hayride to Hell, Mad Sin, Calavera, DeadBolt, Barnyard Ballers, Phantom Rockers, Los Gatos Locos and many others. The first song on this puppy is straight out the Beverly Hillybillys song book with a psycho twist to it. Now I will tell you there aren't that many slow tempo songs on it, which means the vast majority are all fast tempo the way we like it or the way I like it. It was totally worth the money i spent for it, i mean i scored i got some bad ass bands and alot fast psychobilly.It cant get any better than this. So I highly recommend you pick this puppy up.


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