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Review: Gravestompers - Funeral Suite
Band: Gravestompers
Album: Gravestompers
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Here's another great psycho cd from the Gravestompers. The Gravestompers are a 3-piece trio from Germany with a spooky-dark theme to their songs. The first song on their cd is, "Home is my Casket," this song to me personafies their musical and writing capabilities. It's mid tempo song and is perfect for any given night. "Haunted House" is an up-tempo psycho song with a rockabilly twist. The next song, "Hail Hell Rock n' Roll," is a fast psycho song with dark and melodic melodies, one of my personal favorites. The song, "Nighthunt" is another uptempo psycho song and even has this kewl break where the singer is shouting something that i cant make out..hmmmmm who knows. Number 9 on the cd is, "Undertaker" and their not talking about the WWF wrestler. It's a slow song that just lets you sit back, drink and mellow you out."I am the Necromancer," is another one of my favorites and i can actually picturing this song on some comps in the future cause its so good. It's a typical psycho song with kewl lyrics, but it has its own unique sound to it. You all should check out this song. If your really into that horror-misfits-psychobilly-theme then the GRAVESTOMPERS are your band. This cd has 12 packed songs with good song context, I mean whatmore can you want!!


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