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Review: The Rocketz - Rise Of The Undead
Band: The Rocketz
Album: The Rocketz
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

This is rocky American psycho with melodic singalong verses that at times are kinda Offspring-ish, or atleast that type of punky style or garage-ish, like "Mad Mad Dad" and "Wildman". Not all tracks are like that though, the Johnny Thunder cover "Long Blonde Hair" (in a quite different version) and "Die Zombie Die" have a dirty slapbass-kinda-psycho sound and "My Girlfriend" reminds me of The Belmont Playboys with a little more grid. There's also a cover of "Frenzy" and last track "I Want U Dead" that sound a little like a hyped-up Batmobile but without trying to be Batmobile. Tracks like "Get Away" and "Police On My Back" then again have a much higher poppunky mix. It's a little bit of everything, played with an enthousiasm and a healthy disregard for conventions but still fixed in rock 'n roll land. Rise Of The Undead makes me smile and bop along in my chair, it has a feel good kinda vibe. One of the better American psycho releases of late, in my opinion! Featuring (ex)members of Down By Law & Up Syndrome but that legacy isn't very up front.


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