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Review: Pagan Dead - Mors Ianva Vitae Et Vita Ianva Mortis
Band: Pagan Dead
Album: Pagan Dead
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

Pagan Dead are very much into the darker side of live.... or death as it may be, this is Satanicbilly complete with the grunted vocals. A weird mix and it doesn't always work very well for me but it's not to bad. It sometimes reminds a little me of P.O.X., Banane Metalik and old bands like Batfinks and old-style Demented. There's a lotta samples in and between songs that add nicely to the overal mood but i do miss some more original melodies. In trying to mix these styles, the guitar in much of the tracks sounds very alike and since the grunted vocals don't have much melody either, it gets a little flat after couple of songs. They do score points for trying something different though, that i can only applaude.


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