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Review: Demon City Wreckers - Inner Demons
Band: Demon City Wreckers
Album: Demon City Wreckers
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

I wouldn't call this psychobilly, 'coz besides the fact that there's a slapbass in there somewhere there's no 'billy whatsoever. This is simple mid tempo hardcore to me, complete with the usual 'fighting&fuck-off' samples and the (sometimes offkey) screamed backing choirs. I don't think they themselves call it psychobilly per se though. Unfortunately the slapbass is very low in the mix too, so in some songs it almost sounds like it's a bassless band on my midrange stereo. Some songs are remeniscent of Asmodeus - like title track "Inner Demons" - but since the mix is very guitar & vocal heavy the similar (vocal) melodies tend to get a little boring after a couple of tracks. "Undead Rumble" and 39th & Norton are small exceptions but i gotta say i'm not too crazy about their HC style and i can't really get into the Demon City Wreckers. But if you're into punk and HC and are a little interested in psychobilly then this band might be an easy way in.


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