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Review: Lucky Devils - To Hell
Band: Lucky Devils
Album: Lucky Devils
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

Melodic french psychobilly that has a mix of Happy Drivers vs. Fireballs meet Gorilla with a touch of Reverend Horton Heat thrown in for good measure. This second album is well played and sung - if a little 'French' English at times ("No Piece Of Mind") - and a little harder then their first release "Black With Flames". These guys aren't scared to try something like covering "Elo?se", that 70z hippy song and they pull it off quite well. The vocals remind me a little of Pete Gorilla from Gorilla at times. Some songs are mixed a little on the slick side like "Runaway Train" with it's big guitar dubs but in "Beautifull Stranger" and "Big Jean" this balance is very good, there's this sortof Rev. Horton Heat vibe in those songs that i kinda miss in later Reverend songs. Closer "Website Girls" features an organ that add's a little 70z mood to the guitar-riffing. "I Ain't No Saint" and title song "To Hell" remind me of Happy Drivers or Austalian psycho's Fireballs, fast and metallic. Besides "Elo?se" they cover The Ramones' "Zero Zero UFO" (in full Fireballs style) and Blondie's "Call Me" and they both work very well if maybe a little slick. The Lucky Devils are not the hardest band in psycholand and sometimes it sounds like the bass is a little slow after the beat but it doesn't really take any power away from this excellent cd. It's nice to hear good well played psychobilly that's not so dependent on the ever increasing influence of (pop)punk and screaming vocals.


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