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Review: The Slanderin - Rhumba Of Rattlesnakes, Murder Of Crows
Band: The Slanderin
Album: The Slanderin
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

This is pretty massive American psychobilly, with the distorted (garagerock) guitar sound and halfgrunt vocals. But unlike some other bands that have this style there still is some 'billy' to be found here. The overall mix is pretty good, although the distorted guitar is a little too fuzzy for my taste: it fucks up the dynamics in some songs. Tracks are well written though, most are fast but diverse enough to not get boring. It reminds me somewhat of The Batfinks. The melancholic "Deadmans Waltz" sounds kinda like a psycho version of Tom Waits and "Lost In Eternal Light" is similar to a Tiger Army ballad but with a lot more balls. Thirteen tracks that are worth checking out!


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