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Review: Barnyard Ballers - Ugly American Psychobilly
Band: Barnyard Ballers
Album: Barnyard Ballers
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Well here's another album from San Diego's favorite psycho oddities The Barnyard Ballers. "Ugly American Psychobilly" is a collection of songs from their Mp3.com website. The songs contain lyrics ranging from Masterbation to Boobs. Some of the songs featured on the cd...."Coffin Dwellers," "Riding on The Range," "Exterminate." The first song "Barnyard Ballin" is fucking hilarious, not because of the lyrics, but because it sounds like it was recorded in a barnyard. My favorite song has to be "Silicon City" for the fact that he makes it to one big joke about tities. God that song is fucking hilarious. "God Boy" is one of those straight psycho-punk songs that gets you in the mood to start wrecking, a good song. Another song that caught my attenion was "Blood Feud" for the simple reason that it sounds real jazzy-rockabilly like, a totally different sound compared to the rest of the Ballers songs, good mid tempo song. "Happy Ignorant People" is another fast tempo psycho song. The last song, "On Top of a Hooker," is one of the funniest songs i have ever heard, I cant even describe it cause its so funny. You have got to hear it for yourself. The cd is really bad ass and fucking hilarious. If masterbation and tities are your thing than the Barnyard Ballers are your band.


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