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Review: Three Bad Jacks - Hellbound Train E.P.
Band: Three Bad Jacks
Album: Three Bad Jacks
Genre: Rockabilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The Three Bad Jacks are putting out a new album pretty soon (i hope) and they released this 3 song e.p. just to kill time until then. The first song on cd is the title track "Hellbound Train," a really good song and its very uptempo not completly psycho but very uptempo. The next song "It's a Cadillac" is classic rockabilly at it's best, a song that sounds straight out of the 50's. They saved the best for last with their cover of Motorhead's classic track "Ace of Spades". Done really well and it sounds just like if Motorhead played it, only if they played it with a stand up bass and screeching rockabilly guitar. A really kewl cover song done really well. The cd has really good sound quality and kewl cover art.


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