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Review: Koffin Kats - Inhumane (pre-release)
Band: Koffin Kats
Album: Koffin Kats
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

Where in the late 80z and 90z the Euro bands defined psycho it's now
mostly the American bands that breethe new life into the genre.
American psychobilly is carving a bigger and bigger niche for itself
these days and a band like Koffin Kats is a good example. Taking
similar influences as the likes of Tiger Army and Hellbillies the
KoffinKats mix gothic/horror billy with Misfits-like punkrock. But
where Tiger Army takes the softer romantic side and Hellbillies the
extreme hardcore side, the Koffin Kats have just the right mix of punk
and 'billy. It is undeniably American punkabilly but there is an almost
oldschool Euro neo-psychobilly basis quite unlike many other bands.

Hailing from Detroit, Mi this trio has a raw power and drive like an
unstoppable possessed V8 musclecar. 'Inhumane', to be released in june
'05 has 15 tracks, pushed on by Vic Victor's 'Danzigian' vocals and the
wildly reverberating guitar of Tommy Koffin. Where on many of the newer
harder psychobands the slapbass drowns in a wall of distorted guitars
the Koffin Kats found the right level of all these ingredients. Even
when the guitar overdubs and the backing vocals kick in, the songs stay
mainly in psychobilly territory. For the purists there might be a
little to much Misfits with a slapbass now and then (specially the
vocals) but i say there's nothing wrong with hardhitting punkabilly.

With songtitles like 'Hatred', 'Darker Place', 'Chainsaw Massacre',
'Demon Demon', 'Die Cat Die' and 'Perfect Suicide' you don't have to
think twice what the Koffin Kats favorite subjects are. The songs are
well written and played, with slower and faster songs and
well-thoughtout dynamics so if you're looking for psychobilly with a
difference but are not to much into metalbilly this is a must have.


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