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Review: Lonesome Kings, The - Legendary Suffering
Band: Lonesome Kings, The
Album: Lonesome Kings, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Ko

The cover is a still from one of the Hellraiser movies of yesteryear which has provided so many bands with enough inspiration to last a lifetime. Hellraising is just what the Lonesome Kings do, in a blazing punk-rockabilly kind of way. This record is better recorded and better mixed then Shotgun full of Blues from 2003. Greg Lonesome?s vocals are laid a bit more on top of the mix so one can actually hear what he is singing. Not a must for all bands mind you, with Greg?s vocals however it is a definite improvement. Lyrics are about the darker sides of life of course, but go a lot deeper then ?I drank a beer in the graveyard and puked all over my girlfriend who turned into a zombie?-type lyrics that are abundant out there.

While a personal favourite of mine, ?can?t keep me down? (#9) is fast and furious, the Lonesome Kings know how to play a good ballad too! Many underestimate a good slow song and think psychobilly is just about who is the fastest slapper.
Not so in my book. All the good bands out there know how to play a fast song but also a slow song (Listen up you kids!).

If you need guidance on how to play a slow song, just listen to ?Let me die? (#13) wich is a one of those songs you are still humming the next morning??.
Better yet, listen to the whole album.


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