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Review: The DEADCATS - Bad Pussy
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

I bring to you the new album from Canada's very own
hillbilly/surf/punk band "The DeadCats". The lineup still is Mick Tupelo on Guitar and Vocals, Scooter on Gutbucket Bass, Chopper on his surfboard Guitar and are joined by new member Jon Card fomerly of SNFU on Drums. Their bass gives them an original sound. Like I said in previous I really look for bands to have their own unique sound rather than to follow the trends, and the DeadCats have their own unique brand of sound. Some of my favorite songs on "BAD PUSSY" are.. "Psychocat" - which sounds like rockabilly meets dick dale added with some psychobilly influence it. "Crypt Zombie Hula" - is a mixture of slow tempo beats to the themes of the psychobilly/gothabilly genures. Thats one of my favorites. "Lost Generation Breakdown" - sounds more like old school punk of the late 70's (EARLY CLASH) than anything else they play, really kewl tune."Mean Eyed Cat" - ah!! a cover from the man in black's (Johnny Cash) collection of tunes,really good cover, mick even sounds like johnny thats the kewl part."Bad Bad Week" - a duet with Christina Aebi, really hillbilly like, midtempo song, good song."Night Sander" - another good song, i believe it sounds like the type of song that DEADBOLT would play.. sounds really good and stays at one tempo and its good to listen to why your drinking a beer or 2. haha. "Theme From Bad Pussy" - the last song on the cd. A song you would hear in a chase scene in the movies or a cartoon. I cant really describe it. All in all the cd is pretty bad ass. I mean if this your alley of hillbilly,surf,psychobilly,punk, then this cd is for you. I would like to thank Mick for cd and to apologize for taking so damn long with it.


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