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Review: The Deadbillys - Genuine Hellstomper
Band: The Deadbillys
Album: The Deadbillys
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The best way to describe the Deadbillys would have to be by mixing Johnny Cash, The Misfits, Merle Haggard, The Cramps. Then after that you get the 3 piece from Santa Barbara California. Members Bobby Dickson on Guitar and Vocals, his wife Heather Dickson on Washtub Bass and Vocals, Alfred Smith on Upright Drums make up the trio. "Genuine Hellstomper" contains an intresting mix of songs ranging from rockabilly to present day psychobilly, so they dont have one complete sound. The first song "The Legend of The Dodge City" contains psychobilly hooks with a country like atitude, even has an intro from a perticluar western movie. Then their randition of Johnny Cash's "Jackson" is totally great cover that I enjoyed very much.
"Kingpsychobilly" is a good psycho song, great harmonies on it as well. The next 2 songs are Glenn Danzig covers "Halloween" and "#13".Heather sings "Halloween" and it's done really well, it's done all honky-tonk meets psycho. She has such a clean and strong voice so it can kind of a good blend. The other covers on the album are Deadbolt's "Twang Zombie," Hank Williams "Kawliga," Concrete Blonde's "Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man," America's "Horse with No Name." All cover songs are done really well. "$31.32/The Deadbillys" is another hoedown western meets the cramps type song, not a bad song at all. "Cold Steel Track" is the type of song that just makes you want to get your cowboy boots on and start a pit for. All is all not a really really fast band but like I said earlier...not a slow one either. Their melodies and harmonies are excellent and the cd has really really good sound quality, better than alot of other cds that i have heard plus the cd contains 13 tracks. So if you want a band thats going to give you a hoedown or a slampit, Then THE DEADBILLYS are you band. I highly recommend this cd.

I would like to thank the DEADBILLYS for the cd. THANKS!!!!


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