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Review: King Voodoo - Voodooville
Band: King Voodoo
Album: King Voodoo
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Destin

This is "Voodooville", King Voodoo's debut on Crazy Love recs, 15 tracks of big sounds, big fun and a great big modern production. Take two slices of bread, spread on some Hoodoo Gurus, squeeze on a healthy portion of Hot Boogie Chillun', slap a piece of Restless and Stray Cats then lay on the Southern Culture on the Skids, jump back, take ten deep breaths and get ready to completely ingest King Voodoo--caution: this product is hot and spicy, may cause mandatory whiskey consumption with beer chasers, which lead to pure drunkenness and disoriented voodoo trance body convulsions around the house or car. May also cause heart burn and a zombie like hangover the next day. This has got to be a great live show already being paired up and touring with the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Ray Gelato Giants and Matchbox. I consider this a must for any one that likes to have a good night out, this could be a few of you. So in the words of a wise one "Bow down to the hotrod racers, the truck stop wasters, the drive-in crazies, the juke-joint hellraisers. Ladies and Gentlemen....alive or undead....this is....King Voodoo!!!!" Destin.


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