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Review: Hellbillys - Blood Trilogy Vol. II
Band: Hellbillys
Album: Hellbillys
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

On this Split Seven release, more than ever psychobilly shows it?s kinship with metal and punkrock. Hellbillys could easily play as a supporting act for Zeke as it?s sort of a missing link between psycho and that type of punkrock. And because of that massive sound it?s not a cd for the psychobilly purists. For instance, the first thing I noticed is the lack of a full doublebass sound, it?s mostly slap that you hear and that?s kind of a shame as the overall sound and melodies lean more toward metal than psychobilly. Sometimes the slappin? bass is the only link with psycho, like in ?Grim Reaper?, ?Time To Kill? and ?Sacrifice?. Great songs, they have a mix of Slayer, Iron Maiden and Zeke. They?re biggest-balls-upfront-hard-slamming-in-your-face metalbilly to the max. ?Heads In A Basket?, ?Creeper? and ?You & Me And The Devil Makes Three? have that Misfits feel to it, laced with heavy riffs and pushed to the edge. So if you?re into bands like Banane Metalik, Fireballs, Phantom Rockers, Happy Drivers, Misfits and the odd assortment of metal and punkrock and like to take it one step further you?re good to go with Blood Trilogy Vol. II. But for my taste I could use a little more psychobilly influences, like on earlier releases. Metalbilly seems to get bigger again and this extreme version of American Metalbilly rocks you socks off. These14 tracks raising evil twisted psychobilly to a whole new level that will annoy your parents and neighbours and knock your socks off!


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