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Review: The Quakes - Last of the Human Beings
Band: The Quakes
Album: The Quakes
Genre: Rockabilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

I will be honest, I never really heard "The Quakes" until I heard them on a couple of comps. I found their music to be very good in the Psychobilly/Rockabilly sense. So when I heard they had a new album out I jumped at the chance to get it, which I did (thanks to Vince Orrexx for the cd.) I also found out that they had new lineup (Paul Roman-guitar/vocals, Chris Van Cleve-drums, Vince Orrexx-slap bass.) So I was curious to hear how they sounded with the new lineup. The first song "Last of the Human Beings" has a small touch of surf mixed with rockabilly, which caught me off surprise since i was kind of expecting a much faster song, but got a mid tempo rockabilly song that sounded pretty good and had some pretty bad ass lyrics in it. "Breakdown" was one of my personal favorites on the album and had some pretty good meaning to it as well (I think i heard this song like the most). Some other significant songs on here are "3 in 1," "Revenge is Mine," and another goodie "Rockin Cats" There's approximatly 13 songs on the album, all being pretty damn good and the sound quality is excellent. Now I wont lie to you their isnt any really fast psychobilly songs on it, but there is some really good rockabilly songs on it. It wasn't what i expected but I really enjoyed the album and its musicianship, I love the surprise that it gave me. I like where "The Quakes" direction is going. They may have slowed down, but they still can crank out some pretty bad ass music.


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