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Review: Tiger Army - II Power of Moonlight
Band: Tiger Army
Album: Tiger Army
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

It had been a year since Tiger Army released their first album on Hellcat and did alot of touring and even made some changes to their lineup. Tiger Army was now Nick 13 on Vocals and Guitar and Geoff Kresge formerly of AFI on Stand Up Bass and Backup Vocals and London May formely of Samhain on Drums. I was very excited to hear that they were in the studio recording this album and was anxious to hear how songs sounded. I had seen them before they released their album and played a couple of songs that would be on the album. The day came where i picked up the album and heard it from the first time and just like the first one i was impressed and happy with it. The first song on it "Prelude: Call of The Ghost Tigers" is kind of similar to the one on the first "Nightfall" and sounds pretty vicious. Then you have songs like "Towards Destiny" and "Incorporeal" which sound like a cross of Psychobilly meeting Samhain. Songs like "Power of Moonlight" and "Under Saturn's Shadow" and "When the Night Comes Down" complete the album's well written and performed songs. The album has a dark side to it and Nick 13 even wrote a song about Edgar Allen Poe's Poem about his lost love "Annabel Lee". The roots of old school Rockabilly are shown with "Cupid's Victim" and "In the Orchard" which is kind of like "Outlaw's Heart" from the first album, they're kind of the same format, both originals and very well written. One of the best songs on there is one that everyone always crys and asks for, none other than "F.T.W. - Fuck The World". This album is slightly slower then the first but that is made up with lyrics and music. American Psychobilly at its finest. If you like the first one or you like Psychobilly you'll love this album.


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