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Review: Os Catalepticos - Zombification
Band: Os Catalepticos
Album: Os Catalepticos
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

I posted a review earlier in the week about the Catalepticos first album (S/T or Little Bits of Insanity) and saying how good it was and that it wouldn't be able to be topped. Well I was wrong and i feel like a fool now. They sent me their lasted cd "Zombification" and let me tell you, they haven't slowed down much and have progressed in their song writing, but still have that Psychobilly - i wanna kill my mom and throw her in the pit feel to it. The first "Terrible Nightmares" starts the ride and gets the blood flowing. The next songs "River of Blood," "Zombie" don't give you much time to catch your breath but keep going strong at full speed. Other great songs on the album are "Hot Rod Funeral," "El Dia De Los Muertos," "Chainsaw and Blood." The cd doesn't really slow down much, but is a constant roller coaster going at its top speed. Word of advice about Os Catalepticos....if you get a chance to see them DONT MISS IT! If you see one of their albums ("Little Bits of Insanity" and "Zombification") grab and buy it, their totally worth it... If you dont believe me then pick up, you wont be dissapointed. I promise!


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