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Review: Three Bad Jacks - Made of Stone
Band: Three Bad Jacks
Album: Three Bad Jacks
Genre: Rockabilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The first time i actually caught the 3 Bad Jacks was
at the 2000
Hootenanny while trying see another band rather than
seeing Chris
I found them on the small stage toward the front of
the place. They
actually had a pretty big crowd for the time slot they
received. I was
intrigued by thier performance cause their guitarist
was really good and so was their
drummer who at the time was like 60 or something,
thats before they replaced him. My brother in-law
actually had the cd, so i put it on and it was really
good just like their live show. Some good tracks on it
are "Down Town Gonna Rumble" "Black Cadillac" "I'm
Made of Stone"and ballads like "It's 4-Ever" and "I
Believe". All the tracks sound really good considering
that alot of Rockabilly and Psychobilly albums don't
have all that good sound quality as it is, so it gets
a decent point just for that, and then to complete
this whole thing.. the album is really good and has
you and has good musicianship. So if you like
Rockabilly or You want to hear something different or
you like ballads then check out the Three Bad Jacks
cause you wont be dissapointed, i know i wasn't...


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