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Review: The Amazing Crowns - Payback Live
Band: The Amazing Crowns
Album: The Amazing Crowns
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

This Cd is real testament of one of the greatest bands to ever take the
stage. The Amazing Crowns Payback Live cd captures their live
performance and even goes beyond that into something special. Recorded
During the 4th Annual Providence Payback the Crowns cranked out some old
and new tunes such as...."Shivering in The Corner" and "Baby's out on
Bail" and "Trouble at The Bali Hai" and "Luckiest Man Alive" and "Scene
of The Crime" and even throw in a cover of the Misfits "American
Nightmare". The only problem was acutally getting the cd so In order to
get the cd you would have buy it directly from them or at a show and
don't waster your time trying to find it in Tower or some other Trendy
store like that it wont be there, it kind of reminds me of the Misfits
Evilive II cd. A really great cd from a great bunch of guys and I was so
sorry to hear that they broke up, but thats life in a nut shell. Don't
worry the Crowns we'll be back at least i think so. But even if they
dont we still have their music to remember them by.

2000 Kingdom Recordings
Rock n' Roll/Psychobilly
Produced By: Tom Buckland and The Amazing Crowns


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