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Review: Tiger Army - Self Titled
Band: Tiger Army
Album: Tiger Army
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The first time i actually heard Tiger Army was on the Give Em' The Boot Comp and i was totally fucking blown away. I thought to myself "Where the fuck did these guys come from?" A couple of weeks later I got to check them out for myself and their live show was as good as the song on the comp, so i decided to pick the album up later on after their set. The Band consisted of Nick 13 on Guitar and Vocals and Rob Peltier from the Quakes on Stand Up Bass and Adam Carson from AFI on Drums made up the band, the members of AFI make special guest vocals on some of the songs as does Tim Armstrong. From the first song on the album "Prelude: Nightfall" I was very surprised the way the song made a 360, I was very impressed. then came "Nocturnal" which i already had heard, but the shorter version. As the cd goes there are alot of really good songs that get you going like "True Romance", "Moonlight Dreams." Then they settle down and you could hear Nick 13's Rockabilly roots with songs like "Devil Girl" and "Outlaw Heart" and they even throw in a cover of Eddie Cochran's "20 Flight Rock." To cap the whole album off they have their "Never Die" song that gets you going and is very well done. I think the album was very done and the songs were really good. It was presented very well and I think it got a big response out of it. In my opinion the album is worth whatever you pay.


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