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Review: The M3T3ORS - Meteor Madness e.p.
Band: The M3T3ORS
Album: The M3T3ORS
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Destin

Well I figured I should review this one mainly to let the folks that stumbled on to the Wreckingpit that are curious about Psychobilly know that this is the first one, the first band and first marketable release; the birth of Psychobilly.(Please, no arguments about influential others, they are noted and respected.) The first side has two from Paul Fenech with the other side hosting two songs from Nigel Lewis showing the definite distinction between both song writers. This e.p.'s sound is very dated, which is perfect for gaining the appreciation that it disserves. It gives a great idea of just how different they were at the time compared to the rest of the punk or rockabilly band scene of that era. Which made way for many to be influenced by The M3T3ORS' refreshing sound, sparking the creation of the Psychobilly movement, which today reaches all over the world. THIS is the band that coined the phrase "Never Dies" and holds true even after their demise. They were truly the 'Bastard sons of a rock'n'roll Devil'. Destin.


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