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Review: Seven steps To Hell (SxTxH) - Bright Darkness e.p.
Band: Seven steps To Hell (SxTxH)
Album: Seven steps To Hell (SxTxH)
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Destin

Beware music purists!!! This band, for the most part, has no resemblance to anything you may call Psychobilly. 'Bright Darkness', a four song e.p., is STH's newest release on Japan's Cyber Label. The first song is the title track coming at you as a full on blast-billy, mosh-metal, wreck-defying masterpiece equipped with good hardcore breakdowns to smash your room to. Next is a memorable more melodic hardcore song called 'Murderously Desperate'. I should also point out that the third track is an instrumental downfall, but probably a good straight foward no lyric gig opener. I give the last song its own genre, "Cyber Billy" by its annihilating very harsh Metal-Industrial type ringing of the ear. Its name is 'Mercy, Mercy' and I'll stand this one up to "late-model" Ministry or early Pigface, Murder Inc any day. All in all, this is the strongest production to date for STH, very hard, very clean and very loud. For the open minded Psycho only!! ATTENTION- If you have bought a STH album and it rubbed you the wrong way, don't sell it to your local record store, you know it will just sit in the used section forever. Keep it in circulation--give it to a "long hair" and turn 'em on to Psycho. He may just get a hair cut one day. P.S. If there is a harder psycho/thrash sound on the planet, let me know. Destin.


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