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Review: Nekromantix - Curse of The Coffin
Band: Nekromantix
Album: Nekromantix
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Ah! The Nekromantix... I was very fortunate to find
anything on them especially here where i live. I mean
if you want to get anything on them you have to either
order it from somebody like cdnow.com or from a record
store which means they got order it especially for you
and since its an import they jack up the price. I
found it for $15.00 and i got say that its fucking
worth it! Alright let me get to the cd already... The
cd starts with good opening track in "Devil Smile"
then its followed by another explosive track in "Curse
of the Coffin." Then it kind of slows down for the
next song "S/M," but then goes right back into with
the next couple of songs i thinks its the next 3 or 4
"Motorpsycho," "Howlin' at The Moon," "Alice in
Psycholand" before another slow song comes in. This
album just blew my mind since the only album i have is
"Return of The Loving Dead" and had seen them live
once (which is how i came to know them). So for me
this album was one was just one big explosion. I think
its one of those landmark records that anybody in the
scene should have cause its a pretty powerful album. I
just wish their albums were easier to come about,
instead of ordering it. If you purchase this album you
wont be sorry, and if you already own it then your one
of the lucky ones...


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