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Review: Gutter Demons, The - Room 209
Band: Gutter Demons, The
Album: Gutter Demons, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Ko

I?ve been waiting for this one. After ?enter the demons? there was a long pause but it?s here, Room 209. Ten new songs and two, well chosen, covers.
If you are into psychobilly and never heard this trio from Canada you are surely losing out on some really good kick-ass music.
The production is good and done by the demons themselves, so the booklet informs me.

I don?t know what it is that this band has that does it for me, I could mention the singer Johnny Toxik that has that low growling voice without trying to sound like Sparky. Maybe the relentless rhythm section that can keep a beat. Maybe the catchy chorus in just about all songs. But that wouldn?t do them justice?.

It?s original.

In these times of copy?s from copy?s it?s refreshing to hear a band that dares to approach this rather limited genre in it?s on way and succeeding with flying colors.


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