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Review: Tiger Army - III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Band: Tiger Army
Album: Tiger Army
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

The long awaited 3rd Tiger Army album. I was kinda curious if because through all the delays we would get a different sounding album. Tiger Army has its own distinctive style as has Nick 13 a very distinctive voice. I have to admit that I?m not the greatest Tiger Army fan but I kinda follow the online fights about them. So, I?m sure there?s people that?re gonna disagree but what the hell. American Psychobilly, as spearheaded by Tiger Army has a lot of melodic and gothic romantic influences in their melody lines and the over all sound and style is quite far removed from the kind of psychobilly we used to hear in the heydays. Combined with a much more punky musical approach makes people either hate it, or love it. There seems to be almost no in between. This album -if anything- is more romantic/poppy, with slower songs and to my ears less ?psychobilly? than the previous two releases. Then again, what exactly is psychobilly? There?s a healthy diversification in the scene that makes that question more and more difficult to answer.
Anyway, this release follows along the same lines as the previous two but has more mature songwriting and playing. The production sounds great, with a much better bass & slap sound than ?Power Of Moonlight? so production wise they?ve improved. As usual the cd starts with a dark and brooding intro ?Prelude: Death Of A Tiger? that fades into the first real song ?Ghost Tiger Rise?. A powerful semi instrumental (with a bass solo) that promises a lot for things to come. ?Wander Alone? slows it down again but has a edgy guitar riff and the trademark Tiger Army vocal melody. And this I can pretty much say about the next couple of songs also: nice, mid tempo, melody-driven and honest. The promise of the intro isn?t delivered in my opinion though. The guitar work/sound combined with the melodies of the backing vocals keep giving me a ?psycho-light? feeling. ?Santa Carla Twilight? and ?Rose Of The Devil?s Garden? particularly have a strong Emobilly sound. ?The Long Road? is the countrybilly track of this album and if you liked ?Annabell Lee? on Power Of Moonlight you?ll like this one to. Well played and with that country twang. ?Swift, Silent, Deadly? and ?Sea Of Fire? have a little more power in them while keeping the typical Tiger Army sound and feel, but most of the other tracks tend to be a little similar. Especially since most of the tracks have just about the same tempo there isn?t very much distinction between the different songs.
If you like the slower melodic version of psycho then this is a good album for you. If you like the more aggressive stuff, then stay away. I don?t think that ?Ghost Tigers Rise? will convert many new fans but the old Tiger Army fans will love this.


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