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Review: Lucky Dados - Struck A Nerve
Band: Lucky Dados
Album: Lucky Dados
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

Lucky Dados come from Spain but their debut cd ?Struck A Nerve? was released on the Japanese Revel Yell Music label. Influenced by amongst others later Stray Cats work they mix powerfull neo-rockabilly with jazzy and swingy melodies. With Pedro Herrero on guitar and vocals, Carlos Lopez on the doublebass and Carlos Mirat on the drums, here we have three guys who know how to play their instruments very well. Where all to often rockabilly musicians fall flat on their face as soon as they try to use jazz chords and swing riffs the Lucky Dados pull it off quite nicely. Eventhough it?s influenced by Brain Setzer?s various bands/projects it?s not a blatant rip-off. It?s not without fault though, Pedro likes to show his guitar skills a little too much in some songs and lyrical wise it?s a little obvious now and then. ?Let?s Swing? and ?Texas Train? are uptempo rockers bordering on oldskool psycho with a big wild guitar sound, ?Love&Hate?, ?Tatooed Woman?, ?Lucky Stomp? and ?Thunder Road? are slightly chaotic sing-a-long rockabilly stompers with catchy hooks that just when you think ?haven?t I heard this before? go off in another direction. ?Rebel Kat Swing? is a moody jazzy track with great guitar riffing over a boppin? beat and the intro of ?Turned Me On? is almost full-on jazz before erupting into a sharp edged rocker in the chorus? only to tone it down again for the next verse. The only song I didn?t particular like was the closer, the accapella ?I Get A Kick? although I gotta say that it?s not bad I?m just not sure if it fits with the rest of the tracks. Some great guitar work and slapping bass make this cd certainly one to pick up if you?re not to much into the original 50z style or hardcore psycho. One of the more interesting newer neo bands and since I saw them play in Calella I can say that live they can deliver the goods too!


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