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Review: Nekromantix - Dead Girls Don't Cry
Band: Nekromantix
Album: Nekromantix
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

?Dead Girl?s Don?t Cry? sort of picks up where ?Return?? left off. In some ways it?s ?Return?? part two and in some ways it totally not. Kim lives in L.A. now and I can?t deny that I hear a little of that American style bleeding through on this album. It?s recorded in a very hectic schedule, with many of the lyrics written just before they where flung on tape and here and there you can hear it. Doesn?t mean that it?s not a good cd, it?s a little less upfront and a little rougher but I miss instant hitsongs like ?Return?? had with Cheerleader?, ?Subcultural Girl? or ?Gargoyles?. Songs like ?Moonchaser?, ?Backstage Pass To Hell?, ?Struck By A Wreckin? Ball? and ?Where Do Monsters Go? are great songs that have the potential but they?re not as obvious. The faster tracks on this album, specially the highspeed tracks ?Backstage Pass To Hell? and ?Dead By Dawn? could?ve been on Curse Of The Coffin or Brought Back To Life and should make any Nekromantix fan happy. It?s just a shame that I can?t loose the feeling that if the they had spend a little more time writing and playing together on this material before recording it could?ve been a much much better record. It?s not the best cd they made but it?s certainly not bad. The more I listen to it the better I like it and the more it fits with the 6 other albums they made.


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