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Review: Dragstrip Demons - Mexican Psychobilly, EP
Band: Dragstrip Demons
Album: Dragstrip Demons
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The purpose of an e.p. is to give people a sample of what the band
sounds like. These 4 Psychobilly Fiends from California raise the bar
and turn up the volume with their balls out Psychobilly attack. The
Mexican Psychobilly e.p. certainly impressed me for it being only an
e.p. Only a demo and have been on several compilations, this 4 minute 2 track cd is packed with European Influenced Psychobilly and comes with pretty good sound quality too! Then only problem I found with the e.p. was that i wished it had more songs on it, but other than that the 2
songs were more than fine. I think the Dragstrip Demons have the
potential to be one of the big Psychobilly bands in the upcoming
future. So if you get a chance to see the Dragstrip Demons, go check
them out.


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