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Review: Gorilla - Flamenco Death
Band: Gorilla
Album: Gorilla
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

This cd is a bit of an oddity, as it has only 4 new tracks, the rest is essentially a live record, recorded in Leibzig. ?Paranoid James Bond? has a thick Krewmen-like sound (if the original version of the Krewmen would still exist they could sound like this) and makes for a great track, one of their best in my opinion. ?Zombie Horse? is a cool midtempo track and ?Playcard Maniacs? is again in Hungarian and has a big rock ?n roll beat, almost like the Stray Cats on ?ChooChoo Hot Fish?. ?Flamenco Death? has a Spanish vibe and melody (and flamenco solo!) over an speedy beat and is one of my favorite Gorilla songs. The other 15 tracks are live and show off how Gorilla sounds on a stage. Which is quite impressive. A little rougher and faster, they play a choice selection of both previous cd?s plus Batmobile?s ?Transsylvanian Express? which they also played on the Tribute To Batmobile cd. Since they don?t play too much live this cd is a must if you like their two studio albums.


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