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Review: Gorilla - Genetic Joke
Band: Gorilla
Album: Gorilla
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

The 2nd release of Hungarian psycho?s Gorilla goes on where ?Too Much For Your Heart? stopped. Great guitarwork, very fast slapping and still melodic. Inproving on their songwritting skills and again the production is top notch if a bit on the slick side but for me that?s nice after hearing good songs being killed by crappy mixed & mastered albums for over 15 years? After ?Headless Schoolbus Driver? and semi-acoustic semi-live intro ?Psychotic Paradise? has an intro like a starting machine and sets the tempo. ?Vampire Strikes Back? shifts the gears a little higher before slowing down in ?Forests Of The Outcasts?.Sometimes the English is a little funny, but that doesn?t diminish the fact that this bands rocks your sock off with great songs. ?House-Dog Blues? has a Stray Cats kinda vibe ? although more powerful and in Hungarian (listen to Tom Alien trippling and twinstringing his bass in this track!)- and ?Born To Be Wild? is ofcourse a cover of Steppenwolf?s classic hit. ?When I Was Young? has a big neo-rockabilly beat and ?Luni Bin? again turns on the nitrous oxide for some high speed slapping action with a little bit of ska inbetween. Then we ?Escape from Hell? on a pleasant bopping tempo to end on ?Another World? a slapbass-heavy slow song. ?Planet Of Apes? has some freaky guitar riffing and a jumped up jungle beat. The next tune is ?Genetic Joke?, a heavy midtempo psycho stomper and the last track is a reprise from the first album?s ?Hotel Fantom? but now re-recorded as a big band tune. Like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Gorilla recorded with a real big band and it sounds like BSO on steriods? exellent stuff.


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