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Review: Green Monster - 10.000 Punkrockers In The Valley
Band: Green Monster
Album: Green Monster
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

East Europe is picking up some of the slack that Western psychobilly bands have and Prague?s Green Monster is a good example. This cd is somewhat short, but it features a good batch of midtempo neo/psychobilly tracks. Singer Cosmo has a Tom Waits graveled voice and a punky attack on his guitar. Green Monster plays a dirty and gritty style that?s sometimes reminiscend of the Three Blue Teardrops but then with a definite Eastern influence. The English is sometimes a little weird but it is a Czech band, and one that works harder then a lot of Euro psycho bands. ?Mystery?,?Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde?, ?Johnny Hole? and ?Vampires In The City? work particularly well. The production is solid, with a good bass & slap sound and not to much overdubbing of the guitar. A subtle violin and female voice is added on some songs as counterbalance to Cosmo?s voice. A very direct and no-nonsense-honest first release that manages to sound fresh and new without trying to hard. If you?re a little tired of the metalbilly bands of late, then this is for you.


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