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Review: The Reverend Horton Heat - Revival
Band: The Reverend Horton Heat
Album: The Reverend Horton Heat
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

Already the 8th release of the Reverend. ?Revival? is pretty much a continuation of ?Spend A Night In The Box? and ?Lucky Seven?: More rockabilly styled than the first 3 releases and in general a little bland. Jim Heath has the knack of writing great lyrics and playing a mean guitar, but to me it sounds that the days of the Reverend?s particular style of rocka-psycho? n roll are gone. Where they could play a simple tune but still make it sound evil and menacing it now sounds more like? a simple tune. Still beautifullly played, but that edge is gone. Don?t get me wrong, there?s some exellent guitarplaying and songwritting here but there?s no ?Eat Steak? or ?Cowboy Love? type funny song or a ?Big Sky? or a ?Slow? type dirty devil-may-care rocker. And because it lacks a little in that department it becomes more like very well played and produced rock ?n? roll that many more bands play. I miss the Reverend?s quirky sense of humour. ?Indigo Friends? is somewhat of an exception, it has that ?Generation Why? groove. ?Octopus Mode?, ?Rumble Strip? and ?Goin? Back Home? have more power too and with ?Someone In Heaven? and ?We Belong Forever? the Reverend Horton Heat has delivered the slowest ballads they ever recorded. Pretty songs to sit back and listen to, but not much more. It?s a nice album but overal it lacks the passion and power that made RHH so famous.


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