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Review: The Ripmen - Terror Of The Beagle Boys
Band: The Ripmen
Album: The Ripmen
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

The 2nd full-length release of The Ripmen on Crazy Love Records. Again12 psychobilly tracks filled with speedy slapping and distorted guitars. The production is a little better, besides the sound of Kubi?s bass slap which drowns a little in the drums and guitars. In comparison with their first cd this one is a little faster and more powerfull. First track ?Terror Of The Beagle Boys?, which features ex Sunny Domestozs and now Mad Sin guitarplayer Tex Morton blasts out of the speakers at a 100 miles an hour. And ?Trunk Full Of Rockets? deals with a fast car and this song also sounds like they wrote it while speeding on an autobahn somewhere, these tunes hava great ?drive? and urgency in them.

?Law Of The Gun? has some cowboy-country influences that fit great with the lyrics and it breaks the onslaught of the first 3 tracks, giving you some time to breath again. ?Spider? and ?You gotta Pay? mix oldskool psycho with some more rockabilly melodic riffing and singing. ?Voodoo Woman? has a bluesy feel? a psychobluesy feel that is and ?Devil Came To Town? adds an trumpet to the mix before blasting off in the fastest 8 bars on this album.. ?Blasphemic Surgery? shoots off again at high speeds and ?Necropolis? again reminds me of the Krewmen. Final track ?Death Rides A Fast Horse? is dedicated to Wachi, the original drummer who died in an accident and almost sounds like a Type O Negative track. It makes for a nice psychoballad, although it leaves you with a slightly sad feeling. Overall a good album, nothing too special but better then most. Get it!


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