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Review: The Ripmen - Party with the dead
Band: The Ripmen
Album: The Ripmen
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Loz

German band playing pretty straight forward psychobilly with quite some oldskool influences. Most of ?Party With The Dead? is uptempo songs, ranging from fast to a little faster but never extremely fast.

?With Love From Beyond? the cd?s opener is a nice short psychobilly instrumental at medium speed that is just enough to set the tone for the rest of the songs. ?Psycho Ward?, speeds up the tempo and ?Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas? and ?Butcher Of Whitechapell? alternate between fast and slow.

This cd could easily have become a little boring, but guitarist Rakow balances the distortion nicely with some rockabilly-ish riffing. Drummer Gordian packs a powerfull punch and although the vocals aren?t amazing (specially in the slower songs) Kubi does stay away from the ?yelling & screaming? trap that somany psycho-singers fall into. Considering that he also slaps the bass (and quite good) that?s an acomplishment. It?s not just full speed for speed?s sake. ?Bloodmoon Rise?, ?I?m Not Mad? and ?Party With The Dead? remind me vaguely of older Krewmen songs while ?Spread The Virus? and ?Dig Myself A Hole? have that swingy rockabilly twang. The cd ends with ?Massacre?, another psycho instrumental. If you like your psychobilly a little varied than this certainly is a cd to add to your collection!


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