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Review: Os Catalepticos - Self-Titled
Band: Os Catalepticos
Album: Os Catalepticos
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

I had first heard the band by word of mouth. At first i was like woah these guys are from Brazil a plus already cause they're froma foreign country and sound bad ass.. but the true test came what would they sound like? then slowly I read their bio on the wreckingpit and from that they sounded pretty damn good from what i read. So I went to a record store near my house and actually found their album, i was surprised and excited that i actually found it. From the first song "Cannibal Holocaust" it got me with it's hooks and didn't want to let me go.. plus the song was fucking bad. My reaction to it was can it get better? my answer was shortly answered with the second song "Gambling with a Demon." From that moment it kept getting better and faster with songs like "Closing my Coffin," "Henry," "Demented Symptoms," "Psychobilly is All Around." The whole cd is just straight Psychobilly.It just doen't ever catch a stop sign, it keeps going straight. I think one of the best psycho bands i have ever heard and the cd is a must for any psycho fan. If you can find this cd go buy it.. I highly recommend it.


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