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Review: The Penguin - Self titled
Band: The Penguin
Album: The Penguin
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Count Orlok Music 1995. Recorded at Deep Freeze Studios, Brrrrreda.
The Penguin is a solo project of Eric Hammers, the bassplayer of Batmobile. He plays all the instruments on this album except the drums, which are played by Johnny Zuidhof, the drummer of Batmobile. Of course the brother of Eric, Jeroen (singer of Batmobile) had his share in the album, he took the photo that's used on the front cover. The Penguin is a party rockabilly band. It's all about fun, cold, ice, and of coure penguins. In the first song The band explains that it's hard to be a Penguin, but I wonder if that's true, since they really seem to enjoy themselves on this album. Funniest sounds of the album are made with an electric bass with special low keys on for example "Boozin". Best songs of the album are "It's hard to be a penguin", "Stuck with my dipper in the zipper", and "Horny beat".


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