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Review: Mad Mongols - Just for the hell of it
Band: Mad Mongols
Album: Mad Mongols
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Destin

A good introduction to Japanese psychobilly. The Mad Mongols are, by far, the most successful psycho band from Japan making them a staple in their music scene. Which makes some of their recordings quite accessible to the rest of the world, this one being the easiest to find, and so it was chosen. Dark, demented and hard hitting from the first track to the last. Personal highlights are L.S.D., Halloween Night,1945, and Blood Feast; all of which are the prelude to modern Japanese "psychore". If you are familiar with old U.S. west coast hardcore, then imagine Poison Idea meets the experimental noise of Septic Death with an upright and throw a little "billy" on the end and you have Mesato's Mad Mongols. A, stripped down, taste of the Neo-psycho sounds going on in Japan today, but as it was mine, an excellent first step into Japan's offerings. Although the production is creative, the over-all levels(volume) are low. So in order to hear this correctly YOU MUST CRANK IT. To sum it up Mad Mongols are disturbing and down right evil in personality. I like that in a band. P.S. check out Mesato's Seven steps To Hell (SxTxH).


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