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Review: Tranceplants - A taste of things to come
Band: Tranceplants
Album: Tranceplants
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Recorded between feb '94 and nov 95. Produced by the Tranceplants 1995.
The Tranceplants is a great rockin' band from the north, Norway to be exactly. This original CD contains 7 songs. The album takes off with a perfect rocksong 'on the next flight to vegas' and never lands. The songs are fast, wild, and original. They sound very Cramps-like without being a Cramps rip-off. The content of the song isn't really original, it's about vegas, evild dead, zombies, and graveyards, but it's the lyrics that make it so original, it are just excellent songs. The front of the album is very rock'n'roll, and original, now you can test your friends what's always on their mind by measuring the milliseconds they thought it was the ace of hearts.


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