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Review: Peacocks - Come with us
Band: Peacocks
Album: Peacocks
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Tudor Recording AG 1995.
The Peacocks are a great band from Switzerland. The album contains 12 original songs. The sound is very cheerful, it's sometimes even very up-tempo ska! (The Peacocks are also on 2 ska-compilation cd's). They also remind me of the (early) Long Tall Texans. I think The Peacocks are one of the few psychobilly bands that that don't sing about zombies, and ufo's but actially have something to say. The songs are about personal feelings and there's even a political song on the labum, "living in towns". I also think that of all the psychobilly bands only the Peacocks have a backprint saying 'against racism'. So thanks to the Peacocks people can't say anymore that there are no psychobands that sing about political issues!


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