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Review: Fifty Foot Combo - Jennifer Jennings E.P.
Band: Fifty Foot Combo
Album: Fifty Foot Combo
Genre: Surf
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Now let me see if I can try and explain to you the sound of Fifty Foot Combo. In their music they blend a mix of surf, 60?s style mod, rockabilly and another form that I can?t really remember at the moment. When you add all those things together in a blender you get Fifty Foot Combo. Their first song ?Jennifer Jennings? (a cover, orignally recorded by Lou Reefs) is a layed back happy melodic instrumental about some girl named Jennifer Jennings, I think (don?t quote me on that). Oh yeah this single comes with a video of this song and it?s pretty amusing they show these people stealing cars and some other stuff. The last 2 tracks were recorded live. Track 2 ?Theme from F.A.C.T.S? is another instrumental that contains this Hawaii five o vibe mixed in with dick dale and some distortion, in fact it?s not bad song; I actually prefer this song over the first one. Their last track ?Banana Split? follows along the same line at ?FACTS? but is a bit more up tempo then first two. Fifty Food Combo can?t really be labeled in to a genre because they have so many influences, personally for me I don?t really dig that mod type music on first track, but I must say I?ve always had soft spot for surf and I really dig that a lot. So if your like me and really dig any the music styling that I have mention above then you should really check out Fifty Foot Combo for yourself to base your own opinion. The last thing I forgot to mention was that single comes with a Drunkabilly Sampler containing songs from Speedball Jr, Phantom Rockers, Cenobites, Gecko Brothers and The O? Hara?s.


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