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Review: Cenobites - Secretum
Band: Cenobites
Album: Cenobites
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

Well the Cenobites are back and back with three raw psycho-punk n? roll tracks. This is e.p was put out just to hold off their die hard fans until their next record (when ever that happens. There are only 500 pressed on a limited picture disc (that?s vinyl with a picture on it just in case you kiddies don?t know what a record is). This is a must have for any psycho collector, I mean come on, only 500 copies. Alright enough with the talk here's the review. The first track ?C.A.M? is a slow song that is melodic and has a catchy chorus and for added measure the boys added in piano which gives reminisces of Jerry Lee Lewis, the song is good but not great. Track 2 ?Bad Habit? has the psycho edge that so many of us have expected from them, now it?s not a total fast song but it doesn?t lag for one minute, I give it a B +. Their last song ?Halloween? (not a Misfits song) has this mid tempo vibe that flows perfect with the beat of the drums and bass that can get you wreckin? if that?s your thing or it can you get you and girl dancing like sweethearts. Did I forget to add that there?s this cool guitar solo in the middle of that song, yeah it fucking rules. Well there are only 3 songs on here and that sucks because there should have been more in my opinion. So the last thing I can say is to look out for the Cenobites, because if you have a chance to see them take it, cause there?s no way in hell you?ll be disappointed.


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