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Review: Jet Black Machine - Self titled
Band: Jet Black Machine
Album: Jet Black Machine
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Phantom Power Records, produced by Boz Boorer.
The cd of Jet Black Machine is produced by Boz Boorer, known to psychobillies from his involvements with The Polecats, The Deltas, and Boz And The Bozmen. Boz is known to non-psychobillies because he played as a guitarist in the band of Morrissey, and Ronnie Dawson. Boz not only produced this album but also wrote and plays, "has been a hero", the third song of the cd. I like the album, and I like the band, but most of the songs a little too nice, too slow, simply not wild enough. I think the band really becomes better when they play more wilder songs like in "Rat Race", and "Waltz - Stomp".


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