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Review: The Meteors - International Wreckers II
Band: The Meteors
Album: The Meteors
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

The Meteors have a new CD out called 'International Wreckers 2 (The Lost Tapes Of Zorch). The new CD contains 18 live tracks of pure wrecking, brought to you by the Kings of Psychobilly. There's some good news for all those people that emailed me about 'In Heaven', there's a lot of songs on this live CD, that were also on 'In Heaven', like: Shout So Loud, Death Dance, Love You To Death, and In The Cards. The CD contains a briliant version of the all times favorite Michael Myers! Good thing about Meteors live is always the voice, on studio CD's the voice of P. Paul Fenech isn't as wild, crazed, and aggressive as live. Listen to a soundsample of 30 seconds of Michael Myers. The soundsample is not of very good quality, since it's only 8 bit mono, but still you will have some idea. The other songs on the CD are more and less famous Meteors songs, like 'Maybe Tomorrow' and 'Hoover Rock'.


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